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‘Chaudhary Foundation India’ is the regional extension of ‘Chaudhary Foundation’ which is the veteran CSR arm of CG Corp Global, based out of Nepal. As the Chaudhary Foundation completes 25 years of exceptional services to improve lives, strengthen communities and sustainably develop Nepal; Chaudhary Foundation India’s approach towards social initiatives is deeply rooted in the spirit that drives this rich history of philanthropy. Officially established in 2020, Chaudhary Foundation India strives to support the vulnerable communities by addressing the socio-economic challenges and implementing innovative and impactful programs.

With India’s position as one of the top 10 economies in the world, the country needs to channel social impact initiatives and funds to marginalized regions and communities, to ensure a balanced development. Chaudhary Foundation India recognizes this need and aligns its outreach to this shared goal by working closely with the governments, community groups, academic institutions, Industry veterans and non-profit organizations.

The foundation aims to improve lives and strengthen communities by socially impactful research on under-served and under-funded causes and targeted approach towards classifying and tracking investment into key beneficiary causes. Some of the key activations initiated to achieve this aim include devising sustainable ecosystems, funding health initiatives and driving relief support programs.

Giving back to the community is a deeply ingrained value in each member of the CG Family. Chaudhary Foundation India manifests this value by catalyzing the journey of establishing equal value for every individual.

Activities Conducted By Chaudhary Foundation India

Chaudhary Foundation India & MATEE sign a MoU to foster “Sustainable Development of Regional Ecosystems in India”

Chaudhary Foundation India and MATEE (Mapping and Action in Traditional and Ecological Ecosystems) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in New Delhi, to jointly identify pockets/clusters of cultural and natural heritage ecosystems fostering sustainable development of regional ecosystems through local creative and cultural industries and ecological practices.

MATEE, which is being incubated by Development Alternatives (DA), is the world’s first social enterprise dedicated to sustainable development. It is a research and action organisation striving to deliver socially equitable, environmentally sound and economically scalable development outcomes.

Through the collaboration, Chaudhary Foundation India and MATEE will aim at strengthening local ecosystems based on community capital such as traditional knowledge and economic systems, creative skills, green and local material, common spaces and sites. A total of INR 30 crores will be infused through the support of various Government agencies & Institutions towards reaching out to close to 10,000 Indian families of traditional & tribal communities in the marginal section across the country.

MATEE will set up centers that will facilitate vocational learning and resource dissemination, common facility centers, co-working and engagement, doubling as attractive local tourist destinations and creative residencies.

Mr. Binod Chaudhary, Chairman, Chaudhary Foundation India, shared that “Chaudhary Foundation India is happy to associate with MATEE and is proud to be called World’s first Corporate Ecosystem that is harnessing South Asia’s soft power towards Sustainable Development Goals. The collaboration will help co-create an ecosystem of craft & cultural clusters for poverty alleviation through culturally sensitive methods.”

Response to COVID-19

COVID 19 has been spreading across the globe at an unprecedented rate, adversely affecting millions of lives. The highly contagious nature of the pandemic and its resultant mortality rate has presented before governments a never-seen-before health crisis. As countries declare lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, new challenges arise to not only provide the appropriate medical infrastructure but protect the economy and the vulnerable sections of the society.

Supporting the vulnerable communities in the capital nation

Chaudhary Foundation India extended its disaster response to India, by focusing on providing support to the most vulnerable communities, who in light of the lockdown are completely dependent on external support for survival. Beginning with Delhi, it deployed resources of its iconic FMCG vertical, WAI WAI to provide pre-cooked food packets to marginalized communities in need. The Foundation collaborated with the Delhi Government to ensure a need based methodology is set up to carry out the effort through a network of NGOs and community leaders. Voluntary support from the students of Ashoka University was rallied to streamline the coordination and logistics.
Enclosed below is a brief synopsis of the communities that the Foundation reached out to and their partner associates in the respective initiatives


  1. The Transit camp in Shadipur Depot is a home to extremely talented street performers such as magicians, snake charmers, acrobats, singers, dancers, actors, traditional healers and musicians, from all over India. However, in wake of the pandemic, the artists are left with no source of income as their food supplies begin to dwindle and exhaust. In collaboration with DDA, essential supplies were provided to Kaligars & Kalakars’ and waste collectors residing in the transit camp
  2. With the support of Abhisek, who works closely with Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman & MLA Rajinder Nagar, Sh. Raghav Chadha, essential supplies were provided to Industrial workers, stranded migrants & refugees of Rajender Nagar
  3. As the lives of the sex workers at GB road have plunged into deprivation given the loss of income, The Foundation worked closely with the Delhi Commission for Women to provide food supplies to the sex workers and their children who have been rendered most vulnerable
  4. The exposed mine workers who were engaged in the bleak and forbidding Bhatti mines of Mehrauli have also been provided with food sustenance with the support of MLA Kartar Singh’s volunteers
  5. Food packets were distributed amongst the homeless migrants at shelter homes in Karol Bagh with the help of SDM Office
  6. Also, other vulnerable workers from Karol Bagh and Noida: Sector 80 metro station, Nala road, slum area were also provided with essential support

Dr. Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director of CG Corp Global, who is spearheading Chaudhary Foundation India’s response to COVID stated “As we respond to this global crisis, it is critical to help those who often go unheard. We are working with the Delhi Government to identify the most vulnerable communities for whom external help is the only hope to survive this pandemic. We are grateful for the support we are receiving from AAP and volunteers from the esteemed Ashoka University to help us distribute food packets amongst these communities. Such a collaboration between private organizations, public systems and young volunteers is a testimony of a united effort to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Furthermore, we would be happy to receive applications for donation of food packets post vetting and due diligence”

COVID TESTING vans to be jointly launched by CG Foundation and Wockhardt Foundation across India

CG Foundation & Wai Wai noodles in collaboration with Wockhardt Foundation, is launching ‘COVID Test India’, in continuation to the Foundation’s existing support to mitigate the impact of COVID in India. The need to increase the rate of testing in the country is paramount at this point in time. Recognizing this need, ‘COVID Test India’ aims to provide safety & convenience to citizens who need to be tested while preventing the obligation to go to hospitals and labs where fear of further contamination prevails.

In this regard, the program will deploy COVID vans across India through the year (2020). The vans will act as collection points for COVID Testing whereby they are fully equipped with trained manpower and consumables to meet with the necessary bio-safety protocols. To conduct the tests, ‘COVID Test India’ is collaborating with 20-30 medical laboratories across India and currently aims as conducting about 40 tests a day. Currently the COVID testing van is successfully plying and operating in Lucknow and are scheduled to be launched across the country.

Dr. Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director of CG Corp Global stated, “As we respond to this global health crisis it is imperative to innovate solutions that adhere to the requirement of social distancing while addressing the risk of infection at healthcare facilities. The launch of mobile COVID test vans, offer the perfect solution to provide safe COVID tests to the citizens of India at their convenience.”


The incessant rainfall in Assam had created a grim situation in the state with painful displacement and impact on humans and wildlife. The rising water level severely affected the Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts as the villagers had been evacuated to relief camps. To ensure sustainability and support to 2000 underprivileged stranded families, CG Foundation and CII Young Indians collaborated with Round Table India to provide essential supplies.

Mr. Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director CG Corp Global said, “As Assam faces the brunt of nature’s fury, efforts to provide support to the vulnerable communities during this calamity requires our immediate attention. CG Foundation India is extending its disaster response by providing WAI WAI food packets which is pre-cooked food to multiple relief camps. We are grateful to our partners CII Young Indians and Round Table India who have helped us identify the worst hit areas and reach the camps for food distribution. In addition to the 10,000 WAI WAI packets being provided, we are determined to continue to collaborate to provide relief in all possible ways to the impacted state.”

“United action by private-public partnerships to mobilize resources is the need of the hour, to mitigate the impact of the flood”, he added.