Volunteer’s View – Sophie Boddorff

Volunteer’s View – Sophie Boddorff

My name is Sophie Boddorff, and I volunteered with Chaudhary Foundation from January to November 2019.

Since my undergraduate studies in international relations and environmental sustainability at American University, I was certain I wanted to devote myself to becoming an active member of the global community and, more specifically, pursue a career in sustainability management. I was drawn to the work of Chaudhary Foundation — the social initiative of Nepal’s largest multinational conglomerate — as they spearheaded multiple projects across Nepal dedicated towards sustainable development and CSR work.

During my time at the Foundation, I had the great opportunity to gain an inside look into nonprofit functioning and political advocacy processes in Nepal as well as gain leadership, organization, and teamwork skills within an intercultural environment very unfamiliar to me! At Chaudhary Foundation, I was able to help the team in various ways, from collecting PR content to forming partnerships for project development. My favorite project, however, was my involvement with the Foundation’s first CSR sustainability initiative for Chaudhary Group, which includes implementing general recycling for over 300 employees and e-waste recycling at 8 CG Electronics locations.

I can confidently say that my time in Kathmandu served as a life-changing experience and allowed me to collaborate with others who share a similar passion as me. Apart from growing professionally, I was immersed into a rich and complex language and culture — one that is beautifully bound by values of community, heritage, and compassion. These differences required me to remain adaptable in the face of overwhelming differences and find a home in that which surrounds me. Overall, my favorite memories at CF involve its amazing team that so generously welcomed me in as one of their own.

As I start my master’s degree in international sustainable management, I keep my work at Chaudhary Foundation in mind. I hope we can work together again in the future within the field of environmental sustainability!