CG Gyan Uday

CG Gyan Uday

CG Gyan Uday Scholarship is a financial assistance program that helps students continue their education and discover opportunities through the Chaudhary Group’s (CG) “Educated Nepalis: Prosperous Nepal” initiative.

The students are selected on merit and exam scores but are required to have a parent who works for one of CG’s factories in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Nawalparasi or are permanent residents of those areas. The scholarship is awarded to inspiring students, especially those who are in need, indigenous or women.

Since 2010, Gyan Uday has provided financial aid to over 465 students. The scholarship is awarded annually to give students the chance to pursue higher education after their secondary education examination (SEE).

This project supports SDGs:

Meet Sikshit

Sikshit (2018) is studying in class six at Jana Udaya Madhyamik Bidhyala. After receiving the scholarship money, he immediately put it in his piggy bank to help buy stationary and school materials. He dreams of becoming a doctor, but in the meantime, he is busy enough playing football and studying computer sciences.

This is Gautam

Gautam (2018) uses his scholarship money to buy books and copies whenever he needs. In the future, he said he wants to become a software engineer but is okay playing table tennis and football for now.

Kiran’s Story

Kiran (2018) is from Dolpa but lives as a resident student at Mount Makalu School in Kathmandu. He sent his scholarship money to his parents because he thought that they would need it more than himself. Kiran loves football, and when he grows up, he wants to become a doctor because “Coming from one of the very rural parts of Nepal, where there are very minimal health facilities, I want to become a doctor and serve my community.”