NSB in Dolpo

NSB in Dolpo

Dolpo eco-lodge project, an initiative of Nepal Social Business to promote tourism of Dolpa region and increase the livelihood of Dolpo community. The objectives are to help in promoting local art, culture and cuisine through a sustainable eco-friendly model and to promote the eco-friendly activities and practices throughout all existing lodges along the trail.

Due to challenging topography and because it is not accessible by road the pristine beauty of Dolpo is sterling. However, tourism promotion has become difficult and the development of professional houses has been a difficult process for locals. Because of which livelihood and advantage from tourism have not been reflected in people’s life in Dolpa. To overcome the challenges and ease the trekking stay, Dolpo-eco lodge has been introduced by the CG-NSB. The idea was conceived by Mr. Binod Chaudhary, the chairman of Chaudhary Group who visited Shey-Phoksundo lake in 2015. Mr. Chaudhary was so much fascinated by the beauty and pristine landscapes of the Dolpo region. But he felt the basic infrastructure is overshadowed in such huge potential trekking destination. In order to promote tourism and increase the livelihood, Chaudhary Foundation with its Nepal social business program decided to enhance the current houses/hotels at every junction alongside the Juphal to Shey-Phoksundo Lake trail, namely Dunai, Juphal, Kagani, Recchi, Saijol, and Rigmo.

These lodges will grant cozy bed and breakfast based on local cuisine, hygienic and organic food, clean and warm shower bathroom facilities to all travelers passing the trail. The objectives of Dolpo eco-lodge is to promote eco-friendly activities and practices throughout all lodges and resorts alongside the trail. Also, to engage the local community and entrepreneurs in the model of Nepal Social Business that will transform the socio-economic status of the district.

The Dolpa Eco Lodge Project is located along the Juphal-Shey Phoksundo trail in the Dolpo region. The main objective of this project is to increase tourism to Dolpa and the livelihood of the community there. A prototype was completed in Juphal in 2019, while the other lodges are expected to be completed in late 2019.

Organic Phalphul Tatha Khadya Udhyog:
Located in Chandannath Village Development Committee, this project produces organic dried apples, black beans, lentils and other organic products. It aims to produce and provide healthy, nutritious and organic food products to Jumla, as well as other districts. This project works towards raising awareness on organic farming, while also encourage local farmers to get involved in modern agriculture practices. They have currently sold more than 100 kilograms of dried apple slices, more than 800 kilograms of fresh apples and over 1,200 kilograms of simi daal.