Quality School Program

Quality School Program

One of the most important ways to improve education and make it equitable is by equipping classrooms with modern technology — including desktop computers, laptops, TVs, projectors and wireless internet. The Quality Schools Program (QSP) is an initiative that focuses on the enhancement of information and technology (IT) by upgrading an educational institution’s existing IT facilities and services. Part of this process includes providing capacity development workshops for the teachers and the necessary amount of resources needed per institution.

Through QSP is the Digital Classrooms project, a joint initiative with LG. It is based on the idea that through promotion of digital knowledge, schools will be able to create and implement a systematic and professional development program, which will positively impact students’ learning and achievements.

This project supports SDGs:

The digital classrooms project is presented in three steps:

  • Teachers receive half of the equipment from LG and are trained on how to use it.
  • After teachers have passed training, students begin their digital literacy training with specialised
    curriculum from Microsoft.
  • Once students pass the digital literacy course, the other half of the equipment is given to the schools to
    enhance its education.

Each institution is given access to an offline eLibrary from Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal that is comprised of 8,000+ eBooks, thousands of informational videos, access to Wikipedia and a digitized version of Nepal’s curriculum.

Throughout the process, Chaudhary Foundation also hosts various skill development programs that prioritize female student participation. In addition, improving Nepal’s digital skills will also allow separated family members and friends stay in touch through social media platforms and other methods of digital communication.

QSP envisions a digitally integrated classroom for all students to encourage innovation, promote IT skills and contribute to the overall development of its students and the country. With the completion of 15 schools, QSP is actively strengthening teachers in rural Nepal.

To date, over 70 desktop computers, 20 laptops, 10 TVs and 10 projectors have been provided.


Success Stories

Shree Mahakali Higher Secondary School in Giranchaur, Sindhupalchowk

Shree Mahakali Higher Secondary School was selected to be one of the pilot schools for the Quality Schools program because most of the 263 students currently enrolled belong to the Tamang community, an ethnic group that suffered greatly during the 2015 earthquake. Beyond the damage to their property, Giranchaur’s residents lost their livelihoods and education was disrupted. This digital classroom is part of a larger initiative to create a holistic community, where the foundation is reconstructing the village through the Model Village project and enhancing the school through the Quality Schools Program.

“As we aim to provide every student with a laptop and the laptops provided by the ICT program through the district office were not enough, so CG Foundation’s Digital Classroom Project has helped each of our students to have a laptop of their own to use, which has also helped us meet our aim.”
— Asman Tamang, Vice Principal of Shree Mahakali Higher Secondary School